Vol 11.7 STATION ROAD Part 2

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Vol 11.7 STATION ROAD Part 2

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Things you may not know, or didn’t know you knew!

No longer a Country Lane

The second article in this little series will look at the part of Station Road that leads from Beveree to the 111/216 Bus Stop, a route taken by supporters leaving after the game (that’ll be the day!).

Opposite Beaver Close is Kingsbury’ Garage. Kingsbury’s occupy a very large site which used to be the grounds of a house called Jessamine House, which was finally demolished in 1957. The garage includes, showrooms and servicing areas, there has been talk in recent years of some sort of residential development rumoured to replace the bulk of the area.

Residential houses then occupy the road until you get to numbers 67. 69 & 71 which are on the corner of Plevna Road, and they are the first set of shops that you come to, on leaving the ground. Some supporters may recall that this was the site the ‘Co-op’, as everyone used to call the Co-Operative Society shops. The Society was founded in Rochdale in 1844, and the Hampton branch came into being in 1879, the shop coming into use in the early 1880s and remaining until 1979. The entire premises were taken over by ‘Not Just Tiles’ who closed just a few years ago. Since then the premises have been separated into several units.

67 is now Oxbridge Private Tutors (should go down well in Hampton!), 69 looked to be an Accountants office but now seems to be being re-furbished, whilst 71 remains empty.

Across Plevna Road are a variety of outlets. Firstly, at no 73 you come to what, is now, an Estate Agents, Tredinnick & Bower, (Tony Bower can be regularly seen supporting the club, with his daughter, Lucy).

Originally built in 1886, it was an upholstery shop. Next door at 75 was originally a butchers, the building was re-configured with flats above and is currently a hairdressers, Pierre Pouplin.

Next, we come to the site of what was a Cinema. The Cinema opened in 1912 and was quite substantial with 400 seats. Part of the building was, until recently, occupied by Curves, a ladies only gym, whilst at the side is the servicing and spares part of Hampton Bathrooms, whilst at 83 is their show room. It would also seem that, from adverts in the Hampton programmes of the late 60s, a Travel Agent, F Bonfield Ltd, occupied the site from 77-81.

No 85 was known as The Paper Shop, run by a W A Eagland in the late 60s, both 85 & 87 were later converted into houses, 87 was at one time a cycle and motor cycle dealer, Brumptons. An Indian Restaurant, Ruchi’s occupies 89 & 91.

One can stand and check their menu or see when (if ever) their next themed evening will take place whilst waiting for your bus to Hounslow (111) or Staines (216). Next, on the corner of Avenue Road, is Tylers Mums Salon, a hairdresser. This block was probably built in the mid-1880s, around the time when Station Road started to be developed after the coming of the railway. In fact, Station Road was formerly known under various names including, ‘Smoaky Lane’ and ‘New Street’ until finally settling on the current name in the late 1890s.

Next up will be a stroll through history to and from the station, on both sides of the road.

The Old Historian
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