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Things you may not know, or didn’t know you knew!

Staines Hospital & Hounslow Charity Cups

In the era before Non-League Football became ‘serious’, there were numerous small-scale cup competitions, often set up to raise funds for local or specific charities. Two of these ‘competitions’ that Hampton took part in were the Staines Hospital Cup and the Hounslow Charity Cup (there was also the Hampton Hospital Cup, still to be researched).

Staines Hospital is no more, however the Cottage Hospital was in use from 1914 to 1980 and was on Kingston Road, Ashford. The buildings were demolished in 1986 and on its site was located a residential centre for adults with learning difficulties. Like many cottage hospitals there was an excellent community spirit and fund raising was always going on. In terms of the cup competition results can be found as far back as the mid-1920s with reports of matches between Staines Lammas, Staines Town, Yiewsley, Hayesco, Stanwell Moor, Botwell Mission and Southall Reserves. As regards local competitions it was reported regularly before the Second World War. Despite being ‘for Charity’, the games sometimes led to violent confrontations, as in April 1926.

During the 5-3 final win of Staines Town over Yiewsley, a player disagreed with one of the linesmen who then struck the player. A free-for-all fight broke out involving players and supporters, the linesman (apparently a boxer) had to be escorted from the ground.

As regards Hampton’s participation the records are somewhat sparse, however we do have some partial results.

1959/60; Semi-Final, Petters Sports 0 Hampton 0; Hampton 3 Petters Sports 0
Final (played @ Staines Town, next season), Walton & Hersham 3 Hampton 0
1961/62; Semi-Final, Peters Sports 1 Hampton 2 (Fossick, Cooper)
Final (played next season) Chertsey Town 4 Hampton 1

The Hounslow Charity Cup (formerly called the Hounslow Hospital Cup) was another similar local fundraiser. Hounslow’s Cottage Hospital was in use from 1875 to 1977 and was on the Staines Road where now stands a retail park. In 1924 Heston Sports beat Isleworth Wanderers 4-0 at Denbigh Road, Hounslow and raised £21 (approx. £1,200 in today’s value). A silver replica of the cup and medals were awarded, (the referee Mr Overhead had officiated at the Amateur Cup Final!).

The competition carried on after WW2 with numerous clubs competing in the competition including Yeading, North Greenford United and Uxbridge. The final was usually held at Denbigh Road. By the late 1960s and early 70s it would seem to have reduced to a two-team end of season fundraiser.

Hampton’s results were, as far as can be found…

1964/65; Final, Hounslow Town 2 Hampton 0
1967/68; Final, Hounslow 1 Hampton 2 (Merry 2ps)
1968/69; Final, Hounslow 2 Hampton 3
1970/71; Final, Hounslow 0 Hampton 3 (Haslegrave, Allen, Sillett)
1971/72; Final, Hounslow 3 Hampton 4 (Roach, Markham, Allen, og)

Whether a trophy was still awarded is unclear, or, if there was, what happened to it!

The Old Historian
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