Vol 12 No 24 Through the Decades Part 3

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Things you may not know, or didn’t know you knew!

A potted history of the club

Following on from the previous two dips into the club’s 100 years.

THE 1970’s
The Beavers are invited to Join the Athenian League in 1971/72. Two years later, the club are welcomed into the Isthmian League, at the time, arguably the top echelon of non-league football. Hampton FC have gone from a ‘park football team’ to the Isthmian League in just 12 years. The Isthmian League expands as it absorbs other leagues, Hampton settle into existence as a middle of the road, Division 1 team. Perry Tunesi makes his debut as a 16 year old in 1974. In 1977 Tim Hollands makes his debut and would play over 700 games in an 18 year career at the centre of the defence.

THE 1980’s
Midway through the decade, the Beavers finish in 5th place in Isthmian Division 1 – their highest placing at the time. However, there follows a disappointing decline which sees the club struggling against the threat of relegation.There were some highpoints, two London Senior Cup Finals were reached (1986 & 1987) – both ended in defeat. In 1985 the club awarded a Testimonial to Perry Tunesi – he made 380 appearances, scoring 54 goals from 1974 to 1986.In 1987, Tim Hollands, is awarded a Testimonial seson.

THE 1990’s
In May 1990, the Beavers suffer relegation for the first time. The slide continues down to Isthmian Division 3. 1991/92 sees the start of a climb up through the league. Club Chairman, Bob Hayes appoints Chic Botley as Manager. Chic leads the team to a first ever promotion to the Premier Division in five years starting in 1994. The Middlesex Charity cup is won three times during the 90s. Malcolm Dickenson and Steve Cheshire become the last players, to date, to be awarded Testimonials – both having made over 450 appearances for Hampton. Ground Improvements; March 1997, the 100 seater Alan Simpson Stand is opened.
Prior to the start of the 1999/2000 season, the club announces a change of name from Hampton FC to Hampton & Richmond Borough FC.

The Old Historian
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