Vol 12 No 23 Through The Decades Part 2

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Things you may not know, or didn’t know you knew!

A potted history of the club

Continuing a quick trip through our 100 year history.
THE 1940’s
The first season post-war was 1946/47 and competing in the SWMFL. Remarkably, a couple of players from before the war made a return to the club, W Stevenson and Harold ‘Jumbo’ Slark. The following season, 47/48, Arthur ‘Ticker’ Campion and C Richardson also made a comeback. On the playing front two new names are recorded in Bob Tomlin and Alan Duddy who would both go on to serve the club for the rest of their lives. During the 1948/49 season Hampton faced Twickenham for the first time – and won both league games (think a Twickenham Borough ‘Classico’!). For many clubs, and the country as a whole, the years after WW2 were seen as a slow return to normality.

THE 1950's
Prior to the 1951/52 season, Hampton lost out to Twickenham in gaining the initial 7 year lease for the use of Beveree s a private ground. The club would continue playing at Hatherhop Rec until the end of the decade before gaining access to Beveree.
During this period the club twice finished as runners-up (1953/54 & 1957/58).Two cups were won during the 50s, the Victory Cup (1953/54) and the Richmond Challenge Cup (1958/59). There were, however, a number of high scoring games 19-0 (v Hayes Wanderers);15-0 (North Sheen Manor) and a 12-2 (Ordnance RAOC) – in which Alan Duddy scored 6 goals.
Unbeknown to most outsider’s moves were being made in the background to secure a lease on Beveree when it became due in 1959. Working behind the scenes were Bob Tomlin and Alan Duddy – nowadays we would say that they were networking and negotiating with the local council. As part of the tactic, the club applied to join the Surrey Senior League – for which a private ground was required. The end result was gaining the lease to Beveree and joining the SSL for the 1959/60 season.

THE 1960’s
Another golden era for Hampton. 1963/64 Surrey Senior League Champions. Invited to join the Spartan League (in those days you didn’t get promoted upwards – you were ‘invited’ to move up). Champions; 1964/65, 1965/66,1966/67 & 1969/70. Spartan League Cup Winners; 1964/65, 1965/66, 1966/67 & 1967/68.
Peter Allen debuts in 1964 and went on to become club’s all-time goalscorer with 179 goals. March,1966 Roy Philpott appointed Manager and he would be in charge for over 500 games. February 1967 first mention of Club’s nickname ‘The Beavers’. Floodlights switched on May 1967.Alan Simpson becomes Club President October 1967.

The Old Historian
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