Vol 12.17 First Eleven Part 2

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Things you may not know, or didn’t know you knew!

No 17 FIRST ELEVEN (Part 2)
What do we know about them?

Part 2 of a look at an early team list of Hampton players from the first friendly, played on 27th August 1921. According to Volume 1 of the Club History (Vols 1 & 2, available in the Club Shop!), the following players are believed to have taken part ;-

The starting XI is thought to have been,
J Baker, E G Berry, G C Cockman, H Driver, Gill, W Griffiths, S W Morgan, W F Richards, W G Sharp, C Snell, Taylor.
Reserves; F E Oxley, A E Tolfree.
Unavailable were R G Williams, A E Maynard & A W Barton

So, continuing on, fingers crossed that I have picked the right info…..

W Griffiths, bit of a flyer here. Maybe William Griffiths, son of William Griffiths, who was born in 1902. In 1911 the family were living in The Triangle, Hampton (father was a carpenter). William (Jnr) was residing in Tudor Road, Hampton during the 1920s. W Griffiths played from 1921 to 1926 and previously played for Hampton Nursery Workers.

Arthur E Maynard may not have taken part in that first friendly but we do know that he was another player from Hampton Nursery Workers FC. However, he later appears as a Committee Member and will be covered in a future article in more detail.

Samuel William Morgan was born in 1895 in Kingston. In 1939 Samuel is recorded as being employed as a Foreman Carpenter.

Frederick Edward Harry Oxley, born in 1899 in Orchard Villas, Holly Bush Lane. In 1914 he volunteered on 25th August and joined the East Surrey Regiment. During the 1920s he moved to Broad Lane. Formerly with Hampton Hill FC.

William George Sharp, born in 1903, in 12 Warfield Road, Hampton. In 1911 was living in 40 Station Road. By 1939 he had moved to Esher and was recorded as an Aircraft Worker. Had played with Hampton Nursery Workers FC.

Albert Edward Tolfree, born in 1901, lived in Tudor Road, Hampton. His father was a Stoker. By 1922 he had married and was still living in the same house, 20 Tudor Road. Came from Hampton Hill FC.

Randall George Williams, born in 1895 (may also been known as George Randall Williams (and, why not?), lived in the same road as Albert Tolfree, in Tudor Road, so a reasonable assumption can be made that that was how he played in the first recorded friendly. In 1939 he was living in Dean Cottages and was a telephone operator with the Metropolitan Water Board – and was also serving as a member of a searchlight battery!

Without paying out money for each viewing of the transcripts in the 1921 census, any further detailed analysis will have to wait until it is free of charge – as the 1939 census is now.

The Old Historian
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