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In the end a good result but as Gary said in his post match comments still a mixed display, not dissimilar to Tuesday night. Started well and Shokunbi took his goal well after 10 minutes but then we allowed Bognor to come back into it. New keeper did very well making some good saves and confident with his distribution. Back five were solid throughout. The real issue remains midfield where we still seem torn between sitting back and pressing but sort of doing neither. Felt we sat far too deep at times and we’re sloppy with possession which gave Bognor a foothold when we were in control. On a brighter note, Barzey returned to the side and did what he does well forcing Bognor into the own goal that secured the game. Two clean sheets in a row is cause for encouragement.
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Smith has gone gives the defence no confidence. Young Goalkeeper looked good. Things will improve.
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The result was the only thing that mattered.
I remember going to Bognor for a midweek replay and pretty sure we lost on penalites. Andy Walker missing/saved?
Across the two game Martin Buglione missed a hatful of chances.
And there's a very funny story to what happened late on the pitch after the replay before getting on the coach home.
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