Walton Casuals in difficulty

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Walton & Hersham historically the bigger club, hate to say it, but with them both at the venue, and the young fresh thinking board at W&H, would it make sense to merge.
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Not sure what would be in it for W&H. I think merged clubs always play at the level of the lowest ranked side. Sounds as if Casuals don’t have the finance to continue even by voluntarily dropping down the pyramid to a more sustainable level so what can they bring to the party? I presume their players are currently paid more than W&H could afford. They’ll be out of contract anyway and will soon be looking for new clubs. If Casuals don’t find a buyer soon then all their players and staff will walk.
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Tony’s point about merged clubs is correct as I understand it.
If all the Casuals players are available I would not expect any to be of the required standard?
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