Vol 12.No 21 The Victory Cup

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South West Middlesex Cup Competition

During the club’s membership of the South-West Middlesex League one of the competitions that they took part in was The Victory Cup.

After the end of World War 1 there were a plethora of sporting competitions called the Victory Cup including Golf, Motor Cycling, Quoits (!), and, of course, Football. In respect of the SWML, this was their main knockout cup tournament.

Occasionally the local press did carry reports on games…

In December 1922 an Isleworth Town player objected to the referee telling him to get the ball back after he had kicked it away. The player in question knocked the referee down and also attacked him after the game. At Feltham Police Court the player was fined £3 (about £65 in today’s value!).

The 1933 final between Ealing Celtic and Minimax played at Feltham’s RASC Depot’s ground ended 0-0 necessitating a replay – no penalty shoot-outs!.

January 1939, a rare press report of a Hampton match when they lost in the 3rd Round at the VC holders, Hounslow Ramblers, 5-3 (W Stevenson 2, C Stevenson).

The last final before WW2 between Hounslow Ramblers and Metropolitan Water Board ended 3-0 in favour of the Ramblers, however, it was discovered that Ramblers had fielded an ineligible player. In the replay MWB won comfortably 5-1 (in goal for MWB was Len Rivers, a former Hampton player).

As regards Hampton’s involvement, they made a number of appearances in the Final…

1923/24; Hampton 2 Hounslow Ivydene 3
1935/36 No details
1947/48 Hampton 4 (Hill 3,?) Heston 3 (aet) (played @ Benwell Field, Sunbury)
1950/51 Hampton 2 Spelthorne 4 (played @ Denbigh Road, Hounslow)
1953/54 Hampton 3 (Tomlin, Shorey, og) Heston 2 (aet) (played @ Denbigh Road, Hounslow)
1956/57 Hampton 1 Hanworth 3 (played at Beveree)

I have only seen two programmes from these matches, both simple A4 sheets.

One of which is the 1956/57 Final that was played at Beveree, with the kind permission of Twickenham AFC! The nameof the ground was m-s=spelt s BEREREE!

During the 1950s Twickenham were playing at Beveree whilst Hampton was playing at Hatherop Recreation Ground at the western end of the Village. Within a couple of years, it would be Hampton who would be the tenants of Beveree.

The Old Historian
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